A place of strength and inspiration


The residence is located on a sheep farm in the Zaluzhany village near the town of Drohobych. Farm breeds Tyrolean merino and bergshaf sheep. Carefully groomed sheep look great on photos!

The farm is surrounded by pastures, has its own path in a beautiful old forest.

The healing Carpathian air and fresh own products allow you to get full of energy in just a couple of days in the residence.

The guest houses are designed in a modern Scandinavian style and decorated with works by famous Ukrainian artists.

Each house is equipped with everything you need for a carefree holiday. Inside there is a spacious bed, a comfortable shower, a pair of suitable chairs, tables for morning coffee or tea, soft ottomans near the panoramic windows, a wooden terrace from which you can admire the unforgettable sunsets over the mountain ridge.

There is a library where you can choose something from fiction to Taschen albums.

There are several areas equipped for remote work.

The staff of the residence will tell you about tourist routes and, if necessary, provide a transfer.

There is a cosy wooden restaurant for guests of the residence. It serves healthy breakfasts every morning, and fresh seasonal "dishes of the day" for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is included in the price, lunch and dinner can be ordered on request.

Due to the special delicate taste of local lamb, Zaluzhany residence is included in the Gastronomic map of Ukraine.


Zaluzhany plaids are made of natural undyed Bergshaf and Merinos wool. It is softer and warmer than usual - the blankets do not sting at all. Thin but dense weave protects in the fresh air - if you wrap yourself in such a blanket, you can feel comfy on the terrace or balcony, even in cold weather.

The color is creamy.

Size 1600x2000

The price is UAH 2,400

Caring for blankets is the same as for any woolen products: wash in cold water.

You can order a plaid with the possibility of delivery by "New mail" in the messages on the page.


A house for two per day costs 2100 UAH with breakfast.

Children under three years - free; older children - plus 500 UAH with the possibility to add a single bed.

Arrival around the clock, departure - until 12:00.